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While a bike ride may seem like a great idea for a workout, at first it may not seem like the best date idea. Until now.  San Diego Fly Rides’ electric bikes allow you to cruise up or down the coast from their downtown La Jolla location to wherever you please, without having to worry about grinding out any gnarly hills or sweating straight through your shirt.

Pedal just like you’re on a regular bike and use the pedal assist whenever you need it, or let the bike cruise on its own…it’s all up to you.  Whether you take one of their tours or choose to rent and make your own path together, this is a really fun way to appreciate San Diego’s scenic coast and beach towns.


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San Diego Fly Rides recommends parking on Fay Ave which is not timed or limited in any way.

Two-hour parking is also available on Girard Ave, but the parking enforcement is strict, so even if you do a two-hour rental, this is not ideal unless it’s on a Sunday.


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Timing • Hours • Cost

10am – 5pm daily

Food & Drink

Snacks and bottled water is provided with your rental.  We figure that since you’re biking, you may want something a bit more casual in the way of a place to eat; please find our recommendations in the ‘Pairs With’ section.




  • Bottled water is provided, but an extra water bottle doesn’t hurt.
  • Windbreaker
  • Sunglasses and Sunscreen


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